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   The Fantasy Baseball Center
F A N T A S Y   B A S E B A L L   L E A G U E S

Heavy Hitters Baseball Heavy Hitters Baseball - Select an elite eight-man batting order from among the best sluggers in the show. The only catch is you have to be able to pay these guys, and you have a fixed salary cap. You'll have to stretch your buck farther than a drive over the center field fence. Win great weekly and Grand Prizes.

Full Count Fantasy Baseball Full Count Fantasy Baseball - For just $19.95, you can compete in a league with live drafts, trades, and more. There's some cool prizes, and one out of every ten people play for free.

CBS Sportsline Baseball Challenge CBS Sportsline Baseball Challenge - Step up to the plate for your chance to win $10,000 Cash. Pick a team of MLB players using a salary cap. Unlike other challenge games, you'll get daily updated scores, and there are no transaction fees. The Baseball Challenge is just $19.95.

ESPN Baseball Challenge '99 ESPN Baseball Challenge '99 - Play the challenge that started them all. You have $50 million to spend. Like a general manager, figure out how to maneuver around the salary cap to put your best lineup on the field. Best of all, it's free!

Sandlot Fantasy Baseball Sandlot Fantasy Baseball - Want real free roto action? Join Sandlot Fantasy Baseball and draft your own 25-man roster, compete in private 10-man leagues, pull the trigger on trades and pick sleepers off the waiver wire.

Wall Street Sports Wall Street Sports - Manage a portfolio of your favorite athletes and track their performance by buying and selling shares 365 days a year.

The Fantasy Baseball Center

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